Republic of Namibia

  • Capital: Windhoek
  • Size of Namibia: 824 269 sq km/ 318 250 sq miles
  • Population: 2,1 million
  • Official languages: English, Afrikaans, German
  • Currency: Namibian dollar which is linked to the South African Rand.
  • Industries: Mining, agriculture, tourism and hunting.
  • Trophy Hunting Season: 1Feb-30Nov
  • Climate: In general hot and dry with most of the rainfall from September to March. Winter (May - August): Dry, temperatures: 18 - 25 degrees Celsius (65 -77 degrees Fahrenheit) during the day while temperatures can fall below zero at night.
  • Summer (Oct - March): 20 - 35 degrees Celsius (68 - 95 degrees Fahrenheit) during the day while during hot spells temperatures may reach 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit).
  • Terrain: Namibia boasts a spectacular variety of landscape types, varying from the sandy Kalahari down south, through the rugged central mountainous areas to the denser bushveld in the northern parts of the country.

Namibia is the worlds thirty-fourth largest country, and after Mongolia, it is the least densely populated country in the world. The vegetation varies from sparsely covered desert-like regions to lush Bushveld. Large areas, owned by the government, is leased as hunting concessions. Other areas are privately owned and a good number of these are not fenced in, and therefore game still moves about freely. National Parks form a significant part of Namibia. The Namibian government is pro-hunting and works together closely with NAPHA (The Professional Hunters Association of Namibia).

Except for the extreme Northern parts, Namibia in general is a malaria free country....Contact us